Liang Wang

Liang Wang is a Vancouver-based painter. He is the product of a global upbringing. Wang was born in Taiwan, however was raised from an early age in Mainland China. During his adolescence he relocated to Australia, and then later to Canada for high school and post-secondary education. He has since chosen to put down some permanent roots in Canada, and maintains a residence here to this day.

Wang’s work expresses a sense of nostalgia, like watching a long forgotten film once again. He expertly captures the everyday experience of Taiwan with an almost cinematic air. His sensitive observation of the Taiwanese experience attempt to forge connection, and create non-existent memories to compensate for his many years abroad.

Wang has exhibited work in various places across Canada. “Never Left” is his first solo exhibition in Taiwan, presented by Arcade Art Gallery in Kaohsiung in 2021. And his work is in private collections in Canada, United States,New Zealand and Taiwan.

Available Artworks