Supachai Charoenjit

Supachai Charoenjit, born in Thailand in 1967 has led a nomadic life, living in different parts of the country, which has been one of the main sources of inspiration for his art.

His distinctive technique is based on the use of watercolors and technical pens, which he uses to create stunning textures in his works. In most of his creations, he depicts scenes of everyday places, those he has visited or that are part of his childhood, always imbuing his characteristic style.

The combination of his personal experience and his ability to capture the essence of common places in his paintings results in works that evoke a sense of nostalgia and familiarity for the viewer. Through his art, the artist seeks to convey the beauty of the ordinary and to highlight the importance of appreciating and valuing the simple places and moments of life.

His works have been admired and recognized both in Thailand and in other parts of the world, capturing the attention of collectors and art lovers who appreciate his distinctive style and the emotionality he conveys through his paintings.

Available Artworks