Chaiyapong Hongtong

Chaiyapong Hongtong (born in Thailand in 1979), also known as Tor, is a successful young painter from Bangkok, Thailand. He studied at the King Mongkut Institute of Technology and the College of Fine Arts of Bangkok. Since then, his art has gained international recognition, and many of his paintings are found in private collections around the world.

In 2005, he decided to open his own studio. Tor finds his inspiration in the faces of women, women with brightly colored lips and eyes. Tor's artwork consists of beautiful compositions of color and shape. In his work, femininity and spontaneity are intertwined. The artist uses thick layers of acrylic paint in bright and contrasting colors to create unique and striking paintings.

His works have been sold in the United Kingdom, Italy, Thailand, Australia, Switzerland, Guatemala, Bali, the Netherlands, Germany, among other places. Tor's ability to create visually impactful works has captivated art lovers worldwide.

Available Artworks