Diamond is an artist whose style is characterized by a dripping technique that forms beautiful female faces. His artistic approach seeks to represent feminine beauty, often drawing inspiration from nature deities.

The gazes in his works convey a feeling of peace and tranquility, creating a sense of harmony. This contrasts with the colors that are left to gravity, creating a fascinating and dynamic visual effect.

The dripping technique allows Diamond to express spontaneity and fluidity in his works, capturing ephemeral moments and creating a beautiful, controlled chaos. Each brushstroke and drop of paint becomes a key element in forming the female faces and conveying subtle emotions.

Through his art, Diamond invites viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty and delicacy of femininity, while highlighting the intrinsic connection between women and nature. His works are a combination of artistic expression and a search for the divine essence found in the feminine.

His works have reached various galleries across Europe, Japan, Australia, and Guatemala.

Available Artworks