Vatcharaphong Kanakrut

"I only use High Quality color in my Paintings because only then I can be certain that these stories will last 100 years." - Naka

Naka was born in Chumporn, Thailand in 1977 and is an only child, so he grew up quite lonely. As a result, he always spent his free time drawing, painting, molding clay, and running in the rice farm. His parents did not want him to study arts because they feared he would suffer from low income. However, Naka became an independent artist after graduating from Silpakorn University with a B.A. in the Faculty of Fine Arts. He spent his time decorating churches, temples, and many hotels in Thailand.

Naka traveled throughout the country for almost 8 years learning different techniques, and later opened his own studio. The artist uses animals as a symbol to represent the instincts he imagines and feels. Naka believes that humans consist of spirits and souls: every cell, bacteria, and germ inside our bodies has its own life. The lines he draws without any intention express these beliefs. His work is sold in galleries in Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy, the United Kingdom, Guatemala, Bali.

Available Artworks