Puritat Deangharm

Puritat Daengharm is a successful contemporary urban portrait artist from Thailand who has made his mark on the international art scene, establishing himself in many parts of the world. The artist's distinctive and large-scale paintings have become widely recognizable, especially in the last five years as his popularity continues to grow.

The boldness and vitality of color instantly draw attention to his paintings, but equally appealing is the subject matter presented and the method in which these paintings are composed. Puritat merges Eastern and Western cultures, drawing inspiration from influences such as monumental Buddhist sculpture, urban art murals, Japanese manga, Silver Age comics, and portraits of women from various cultural backgrounds. The artist's distinctive style is created by gluing comic book pages onto the canvas over which he paints a portrait, and finishing with a screen-printed layer of linear patterns.

The portraits often depict women projecting a sense of strength and determination; they can be imagined as larger-than-life graphic novel characters, but more often are a representation of real-world people. Ultimately, Puritat has successfully created a visual language that transcends cultural barriers and is admired by many collectors and art lovers around the world. Works in galleries in the United Kingdom, Italy, Thailand, Guatemala, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland.

Available Artworks